What Could Have Been

You’ll never know what could have been if it never was. It's a deeper version of your parents' nagging "how do you know you don't like broccoli if you don't try it?" Lately I've been think about this in terms of happiness. I'd say I'm very happy with my job, but how will I know … Continue reading What Could Have Been

Redefining Home

For as long as I can remember, home has been where my family lives. Even when we moved to a new house, home remained constant despite the change of address. When I moved across the country for college, there was no doubt in my mind that my parent's house was still home. But now what? Now that … Continue reading Redefining Home

Normal is Invisible 

Normal is overrated. I grew up with a fear of being the center of attention. I wasn't just timid about public speaking or performing in front of a crowd; it was beyond that. I had a doctors appointment one day in elementary school, and when my mom brought be back to school I cried in … Continue reading Normal is Invisible