Woodburning 04

I've replaced the relaxing hobbies of drawing and coloring with woodburning doodling! The wooden circles below were $0.29 each at the craft store, and I intend to buy more. I'm hoping I can create a small hole for ribbon so each can be hung as a Christmas ornament. I may attempt some Christmas themed ones … Continue reading Woodburning 04

Woodburning 03

This is by far my biggest undertaking with my woodburning tool yet, and I absolutely love how it turned out. It all started with some wood slats I found along the curb that someone was throwing away with an old bed frame. Each piece was 4ft 7in. I cut 3 of the 5 pieces in … Continue reading Woodburning 03

Woodburning 01

Well, my latest hobby has just begun. I picked up a cheap woodburner from Walmart (this one┬áto be exact) and set out to find some scrap wood. My first find was behind a dumpster near my apartment complex. I found a broken pallet (which I broke further) and a couple pieces of fencing. The fencing … Continue reading Woodburning 01