Adventures in Water Polo

I decided to take up water polo at the end of 2016 (with a little encouragement from my friend/coworker who happens to be a water polo aficionado). I knew I needed to workout, but I couldn't get a routine going to save my life, so water polo seemed like the least miserable option for a … Continue reading Adventures in Water Polo


Woodburning 06

I'm happy to share that I've opened an Etsy shop for my woodburning projects! It has slightly contributed to my blog absence, but I'm happy to be back! If you'd like to take a look, you can find my shop here! It's called Victoria's RCI. This one was inspired by an arrow drawing I made a few … Continue reading Woodburning 06

One Photo Focus 01

As I was browsing for new blogs to follow, I found abundant inspiration at I would absolutely recommend that you take a look for yourself! The topic that caught my eye was photo challenges, specifically the After-Before Friday Forum. After browsing a few months of submissions, I decided to take the leap and participate myself I'm … Continue reading One Photo Focus 01

Off White Walls

I don't think of myself as a person with an eye for interior design. I happily accepted hand-me-down furniture for my first apartment, and gave a couple items a face-lift, but other than a beautiful clock on the wall, my living room was quite bare. I decided to hang some of my pictures above my … Continue reading Off White Walls

Another New Hobby

Shocker, right? Although I think this new one will end up tying into my woodburning, so maybe it's not entirely new. This one was inspired by my friend Summer. She introduced me to the Adobe Illustrator app (it's free!) when I saw this amazing sketch of her dog Bailey. I downloaded the app for myself and … Continue reading Another New Hobby

Woodburning 01

Well, my latest hobby has just begun. I picked up a cheap woodburner from Walmart (this one to be exact) and set out to find some scrap wood. My first find was behind a dumpster near my apartment complex. I found a broken pallet (which I broke further) and a couple pieces of fencing. The fencing … Continue reading Woodburning 01