Choo Choos and Chew Chews

What’s a weekend in Chattanooga without a stop by the Chattanooga Choo Choo? It was the first stop after a roadtrip from Memphis, and I loved the lingering Christmas decorations. Even though it was in the lower 70’s, they still had the ice skating rink up and running! We grabbed lunch at the pizza shop on the train and loved it.



On the walk from our car to Market Street, we found this great wall in an alley. Naturally, we paused for a mini photoshoot! It seemed to be an old, rundown loading dock of some sort, but there was no signage that indicated exactly what it used to be.

On google maps it appears to be the back of a place called Scout Boutique, though the signs indicate it’s parking for Spartan. Regardless, I love when cities incorporate art into their revitalization efforts! For reference, the half burned/demolished building is the view at the end of the alley. While it has its own form of visual appeal, it’s not exactly what you’d put on a Chattanooga post card.

We wandered around Main Street and Market Street most of Saturday afternoon. So many buildings had great architectural elements.


We were still looking to take advantage of the nice weather, so we ventured to the Walnut Street Bridge. It’s a walking bridge crossing the Tennessee River that was originally constructed in 1890. Before we crossed, we actually explored the walkways below the bridge. Here we found some lovely anti-Trump graffiti.


After we got settled into our Airbnb, we cleaned up and headed out for some dinner, drinks, and entertainment. Our plan was to check out Feed Table & Tavern, but unfortunately they didn’t have live music like their website had indicated. We went across the street to Clyde’s on Main and ended up finding great drinks, music, and apps!

Day two in Chattanooga was mostly spent on Lookout Mountain. We visited Rock City and I loved the path through the rocks and the unforgettable views. I think the coolest part was the point from which you can see 7 states.

Our bookstore friends from day one recommended Sunset Rock since we told them we were interested in hiking, so we made our way to the Cravens House to start a 4.6 mile hike on Bluff Trail. It was a well-beaten path, but not overly crowded with fellow tourists.

We were hungry and tired after the hike, but if we had been more prepared (aka not skipped lunch beforehand) I think we would’ve continued further down Bluff Trail just to soak up some more Lookout Mountain beauty.

Our weekend ended with dinner at Tony’s (would absolutely recommend the cannelloni) and a morning trip to the Creative Discovery Museum. We got some weird looks as childless 23-year-olds in a children’s museum, but we still had lots of fun pretending we were 6 years old!

Overall, Chattanooga was a great weekend away with great food, music, weather, and sites. I think this is my favorite shot from the trip, so I hope you like it too.dsc_0094

All photos taken in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Please contact vbrayer12[at] for permission to use photos.

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