What Could Have Been

You’ll never know what could have been if it never was. It's a deeper version of your parents' nagging "how do you know you don't like broccoli if you don't try it?" Lately I've been think about this in terms of happiness. I'd say I'm very happy with my job, but how will I know … Continue reading What Could Have Been

Choo Choos and Chew Chews

What's a weekend in Chattanooga without a stop by the Chattanooga Choo Choo? It was the first stop after a roadtrip from Memphis, and I loved the lingering Christmas decorations. Even though it was in the lower 70's, they still had the ice skating rink up and running! We grabbed lunch at the pizza shop on … Continue reading Choo Choos and Chew Chews

Adventures in Water Polo

I decided to take up water polo at the end of 2016 (with a little encouragement from my friend/coworker who happens to be a water polo aficionado). I knew I needed to workout, but I couldn't get a routine going to save my life, so water polo seemed like the least miserable option for a … Continue reading Adventures in Water Polo