Adventuring without Traveling

I’ve been longing for a camera adventure, but I find it challenging to make time for one. I get home from work and don’t feel like driving downtown, and my weekends are filling up with my (slowly) growing social life. Well, tonight after work, I took a short 10 minute walk with my camera and managed to get a couple of great shots!

These flowers are right at the entrance of my apartment complex. I would love to get a macro lens to help with shots like this, but we’ll have to wait and see if Santa is generous this year.


Something strikes me about the way the sun hits the leaves, yet the tree trunk is shadowed. This one isn’t a particularly fancy or skillful picture, but I still like it. While it doesn’t portray vibrant leaf colors, it summarizes fall quite nicely.


A few minutes into my walk, I stopped to tie my shoe against a tree and found this little guy. It looked like he was trying to find shelter from me!


Photos taken near Memphis, Tennessee

Please contact vbrayer12[at] for permission to use photos

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