One Photo Focus 01

As I was browsing for new blogs to follow, I found abundant inspiration at I would absolutely recommend that you take a look for yourself! The topic that caught my eye was photo challenges, specifically the After-Before Friday Forum. After browsing a few months of submissions, I decided to take the leap and participate myself

I’m counting this as a project because it’s an effort to improve my photography and editing skills. Here’s how the challenge works; one photo is chosen each month, participants are emailed the unedited file, and everyone edits it however they want, from simple exposure edits to complete photoshops that stretch the imagination’s limits.

This months photo didn’t strike me as anything too sophisticated, but once I began editing I started noticing fine details. The original is on the left, and my edit is on the right.

I’d encourage you to check out the other submissions here, but note that the post will not be live until November 4th.

Original photograph by Julie Powell. 

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