Woodburning 05

I had no idea this hobby would take off so well, but here we are with post #5!

This is my first attempt at mixing burning and wood stain, and I’m relatively pleased with the outcome. There is a lot of room for improvement (my paint brush is an old, ripped up t-shirt that doesn’t allow for much accuracy) and I think I’ll buy another stain color once I get the hang of this.

This Devon burning is the complement to my earlier Grayson burning; both are for my friend’s kids. I can’t decide if the stain made it look better or worse, but what’s done is done so I’m rolling with it. I didn’t like how it made the dents and scratches next to the n more prominent.

This next one was made out of pure boredom. Both of these pieces were cut from the old bed slats I found on the side of the road a couple weeks ago. The wood had some imperfections to work around, but I think they manage to blend in decently well.


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