Cleveland Against the World

As many of you already know, the Cleveland Indians have made it to the World Series! I’m watching Kluber strike out Cub after Cub at this very moment and it’s fantastic. I’d like to focus on the idea of bandwagon fans. I have a theory that there are different types:

Die-hard fan – watches, listens, or reads about every game; has bountiful memorabilia and can probably recite the starting lineup from 1998.

Casual fan – has been to a few games, occasionally catches a game on tv, has a handful of t-shirts.

Bandwagon fan level 1 – has always supported the teams from their hometown, but doesn’t display their fandom or follow closely until late in the season

Bandwagon fan level 2 – maybe caught a news story or  a game or two throughout the regular season, but breaks out the team spirit once they make it to the playoffs; probably can’t name more than 3 players

Bandwagon fan level 3 – spontaneously becomes a fan once a team is already in the playoffs, might know the name of either the MVP or the most attractive player


One thought on “Cleveland Against the World

  1. Mom says:

    You nailed it! Your Grandpa Clarke was a die hard fan! I always knew that the Indians won the World Series in 1948 because Grandma said they had to watch the Series while on their honeymoon!


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