Smells like Happiness

We all know the feeling of happiness, but what about the smell? The taste? The sound? The look?

For me, happiness smells like fresh air. It’s walking outside on the first cool autumn morning, or the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer that takes me back to my youth. But that’s not all; it’s also the smell of my dad’s ’66 Corvette idling in the garage, or a kitchen filled with the aroma of my mom’s homemade bread.

It’s easy to think of tangible things that make us happy, but I think the intangible sensations are the unsung heroes of our happiness. 

I can hear a song and vividly remember a time that I associate with it, and our other senses work exactly the same. The smell of peppers and onions being sauteed in butter that takes me to my grandparents house. The sound of a boat on water that takes me to summer weekends at the lake.

Some things simply bring you joy, so you try to savor the moment. The taste of steak that somehow melts in your mouth as if it were ice cream. The look on someone’s face when they are overjoyed to see you after a long absence.

Happiness is a feeling, but happiness has a smell, sound, taste, and look.

One thought on “Smells like Happiness

  1. Mom says:

    Biting into a Macintosh Apple takes me back to grade school lunches, while listening to the Indians game on the car radio takes me back even farther; going to Parker’s Frozen Custard on Glenwood Avenue with our family of 6 in the car! I really appreciate sights and smells and sounds that rekindle memories, but want to thank you for sharing yours. I’m happy to be a part of some as well!

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