Good Eats

I can tell I don’t live in Texas anymore by the size of the jalapeño display at the grocery store. I also struggled to find tortillas, but I should probably blame my ineptitude rather than the grocery stores in Tennessee for that one. Nevertheless, I conquered shopping and made myself some delicious tacos with jalapeño poppers the other night!

The taco is fairly basic, with cheese, roma tomatoes and spinach. To make the poppers, I cut them in half and cleaned out the seeds. Each pepper got a generous filling of cream cheese (too generous–some cheese fell out during the cooking process) and was wrapped in a piece of bacon. I made sure the ends wrapped around to the bottom so no toothpicks were necessary. 

I also made homemade mozzarella sticks a couple weeks ago. They were basic string cheese sticks cut in half, and the breading was Italian bread crumbs with some grated parmesan added (flour, egg, then breading). I stuck them in the freezer for a bit, then fried them in coconut oil. Finger lickin’ good!

Here is one of my “I refuse to go grocery shopping” meals. I always have pasta in my pantry, and I try to have frozen veggies stocked, but I had to do something with the straggler hamburger bun that didn’t get eaten with the sloppy joes! Cue improvised garlic bread….butter, garlic powder, and parsley in the toaster oven. Perfection!

I know this wasn’t exactly a healthy post, but I’ll try to contribute some nutritious food options down the road. But let’s be honest, pictures of salads would get so boring. You can use your imagination to picture the delectable taco salad I have packed for my lunch tomorrow!


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