Woodburning 03

This is by far my biggest undertaking with my woodburning tool yet, and I absolutely love how it turned out. It all started with some wood slats I found along the curb that someone was throwing away with an old bed frame. Each piece was 4ft 7in. I cut 3 of the 5 pieces in half with my hand saw and laid out the pieces, picking the least flawed sides.

It took me a while to decide what to draw on this blank canvas, so I taped 6 pieces of paper together and started sketching to determine what worked and didn’t work. I sent the first sketch to a friend and got the response “it looks dead”, so I then had to decide whether to trash the tree idea or attempt to make it look more “alive”.
Once I was satisfied with the sketch, I used tracing paper to transfer a rough outline of the trunk and main branches so I could make sure the tree was relatively straight and centered.
I taped the 6 slats together with painters tape. I don’t know if it was completely necessary, but I didn’t want to bump a piece and realize it was misaligned after it was too late. I started out a bit timid; my lines were very light and I didn’t attempt to shade at all. I got more comfortable as I went along, and following another friend’s suggestion I kept going darker to make the tree pop against the light wood.
I considered getting either hooks or string to hang the individual pieces from one another. I knew I’d have gaps in between before I even started, but i think the weight of all 6 pieces would be too much for my wimpy nails and drywall. I opted for individual brackets on the back of each piece and found that it was easy to hang straight once I figured out the spacing.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with this finished product! It’s hard to believe that all it takes is a cheap woodburner, some “trash” wood, and a little free time to make something that can be displayed in a home.

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