Off White Walls

I don’t think of myself as a person with an eye for interior design. I happily accepted hand-me-down furniture for my first apartment, and gave a couple items a face-lift, but other than a beautiful clock on the wall, my living room was quite bare.

I decided to hang some of my pictures above my couch to bring some color to the abundance of off white paint. Frame shopping was more of a process than I had anticipated. I was hoping for a “frameless” frame, and did a little research on how to make and hang my own. Pinterest had some great ideas, but I stumbled across some floating frames at Michael’s that I loved! They aren’t what I had initially pictured, but they were affordable, didn’t take time to make, and turned out looking richer than I could’ve ever expected!

The frames are 11×14 and the photos are 8×10. I ordered the prints through Amazon with a matte finish and I’m very pleased with the quality. I still have 3 more frames so I’m planning on printing a few more favorites and playing with the frame arrangement. 

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