Discussion | Attitude

Where do you draw the line with confident vs. cocky? What about conceit vs. pride?

This is a genuine question and I’m curious about your opinions. I’ll toss out a few situations that have crossed my mind.

  • Hanging my own photography in my living room as interior decorating
  • Sharing my blog posts with friends expecting them to at least glance
  • Giving friends advice on situations I’ve never personally experienced
  • Doing things because they make you feel “cool”
  • Having body confidence

Here are my thoughts.

  • The photography thing could be seen as conceited, but people who know me well know it’s not, and people who don’t know me well won’t know the photos are mine. I take pride in my work and seeing the photos daily will make me happy.
  • Sharing blogs is like an author sharing a draft; it’s fishing for compliments. I suppose the worst that can happen is the person gets annoyed and doesn’t actually read it.
  • If friends ask for it, I give my opinion. If they don’t ask for it, I often still give my opinion then feel bad about it afterward. I hate being perceived as a know-it-all and it’s something I need to work on.
  • The “cool kids” always seem to have an abundance of confidence. I suppose that’s almost the definition of cocky, right?
  • I have body confidence and I often feel guilty for it. I worry that my confidence and my ability to say “damn I look good today” comes off as cocky.

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