Yakin’ the Day Away

I was planning a camera adventure downtown today in search of unique architecture, but plans changed when my friend mentioned kayaking! I was very tempted to take my camera on the water, but I didn’t trust myself to keep it dry so I just got some cell phone pictures.

I’ve been wanting to develop my editing skills, but for right now I’m sticking to the basics before investing in Adobe Creative Cloud. I have Photoshop Elements that came with my laptop that I’ve been slowly learning via YouTube videos, but this one right here was edited with the highly technological picmonkey. Here is the before and after!

I had seen a fellow blogger capture drops of water in a vibrant black and white and wanted to try to do the same. I would love to give inspiration credit to this blogger, but sadly her site has apparently been deleted!

I plan to go back to the park in the future for more shots of the beautiful area surrounding Hyde Lake, but until then you can enjoy this picture of my friend and I in our kayaks enjoying the perfect weather on a Sunday afternoon.


All photos taken at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee

Please contact vbrayer12[at]gmail.com for permission to use photos

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