Another New Hobby

Shocker, right? Although I think this new one will end up tying into my woodburning, so maybe it’s not entirely new.

This one was inspired by my friend Summer. She introduced me to the Adobe Illustrator app (it’s free!) when I saw this amazing sketch of her dog Bailey.bailey

I downloaded the app for myself and jumped right in, with drawings of people, dogs, and flowers. All of these were done on my phone, so I’m tempted to start shopping for a tablet to see what else I could create! I’m hoping that down the road I can wood burn some of these drawings; I think the dogs would make awesome Christmas presents!


I’ve been looking into the possibility of buying the full Adobe package with Illustrator and Photoshop specifically, but I’d also have to buy a new tablet or laptop considering mine is slowly dying. Do any of you have experience with these programs or insight to share? Has anyone ever tried woodburning people or animals instead of just words or designs? You can expect a future post as to how they turn out!


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