One Photo Focus 01

As I was browsing for new blogs to follow, I found abundant inspiration at I would absolutely recommend that you take a look for yourself! The topic that caught my eye was photo challenges, specifically the After-Before Friday Forum. After browsing a few months of submissions, I decided to take the leap and participate myself I'm … Continue reading One Photo Focus 01

Woodburning 05

I had no idea this hobby would take off so well, but here we are with post #5! This is my first attempt at mixing burning and wood stain, and I'm relatively pleased with the outcome. There is a lot of room for improvement (my paint brush is an old, ripped up t-shirt that doesn't … Continue reading Woodburning 05

Cleveland Against the World

As many of you already know, the Cleveland Indians have made it to the World Series! I'm watching Kluber strike out Cub after Cub at this very moment and it's fantastic. I'd like to focus on the idea of bandwagon fans. I have a theory that there are different types: Die-hard fan - watches, listens, … Continue reading Cleveland Against the World

Good Eats

I can tell I don't live in Texas anymore by the size of the jalapeño display at the grocery store. I also struggled to find tortillas, but I should probably blame my ineptitude rather than the grocery stores in Tennessee for that one. Nevertheless, I conquered shopping and made myself some delicious tacos with jalapeño … Continue reading Good Eats