Go to Overton, leave weighing over[a]ton

This is a quick post with cell phone quality pictures, but when I went to dinner at Babalu last night I realized how much I love the Overton Square  area in Midtown. There are so many unique and character-filled places (Local on the Square, Bar Louie, Sweet Noshings, Robata Ramen & Yakitori Bar, and a few yoga studios) and it’s the perfect place for a date night. You feel like you’re simultaneously in the heart of a big city and the center of a tiny town square somehow.


This was my view from my parking spot in the garage (only $3 and good from 6pm-4am). I loved the giant wind chime in the tower, and the people playing cornhole below looked like they were staged for a magazine photoshoot. So perfect!

The restaurants in Overton Square have some very nice patios, but as of now Babalu is the only one I’ve experienced first hand. That will change soon, though.


I could see this wall from my seat on Babalu’s patio and I knew I had to get a picture. It’s located on the side of Local on the Square, and it’s a bunch of little sequins hanging and they shimmer as they blow in the wind.

After dinner at Babalu, we stopped by Sweet Noshings. There was candy as far as the eye could see! Unfortunately no free samples, but still worth the visit. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny…most chocolate goodies were $15.40/lb and the sugary sweet stuff was $8.95/lb. The popcorn was about $5 a bag I believe.


Photos taken in Midtown, Memphis, Tennessee

Please contact vbrayer12[at]gmail.com for permission to use photos

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