New City, New Adventures

I figured that the best way to get to know my new home is to wander around with my camera, right? I haven’t ventured downtown for sunset pictures (the featured image is measly cell phone quality) or to capture the character-rich brick structures, but you can expect another post with those later on.

For this first venture, I wandered Shelby Farms Park. I expected the park to be similar to Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio, but it couldn’t compare. The paths and dense greenery were stunning, but the ponds were stagnant and it lacked the unique bridges and waterfalls. dsc_0011

This fence bordered the parking lot and I loved the way the sun hit it. Nothing too exciting, but I personally like it.


Further down the trails, I found a wooden walkway bordered by a rope net railing. It led to a platform designed for turtle viewing and I found this beauty!


I was disappointed that there wasn’t a convenient ‘loop’ of path to circle back to my car; it’s not as fun to just turn around and see the same things you just passed walking the other direction. To make up for this, I walked back to the parking lot along a busy road that bordered the park. There wasn’t sidewalk and the cars zoomed by, but I happened to see these cute berries chilling in a tree and just had to snap a picture!

Photos taken at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee
Please contact vbrayer12[at] for permission to use photos

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