I Didn’t Have to do Dishes for These

STEAK. So good. Mouthwatering, right? The one on the left was enjoyed in Alaska at a place called Double Musky Inn. There was a line out the door when my cousin and I arrived, but the service was remarkably fast once they seated parties. We enjoyed the appetizer in the middle (coconut crusted salmon), and everyone received their own small loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread. The steak on the right was enjoyed at Houston’s Steakhouse in Memphis, TN.

I’ve got to satisfy my sweet tooth every once in a while. The canoli was from Napoli’s in Grapevine, TX (10/10 would recommend) and the creme brulee was from a restaurant in Sarasota, FL, who’s name I unfortunately can’t recall.


While this wasn’t consumed at a restaurant, it was certainly restaurant and food network worthy. It may look like a regular burger, but it just so happens to be a moose burger with moose bacon. The moose meat even had apples mixed in! This was another Alaska meal (along with 3 or 4 meals of fresh salmon that sadly didn’t get photographed).

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