A Peek into My Kitchen

This is obviously my go-to…chicken or salmon with some sort of green veggie. Quick, easy, delicious, and pretty looking!

Some of my other favorites include bruschetta, chicken divan served over rice, and stir fry. The bruschetta needed fresh basil, and the stir fry needed protein but overall, all three dishes were delectable.

I love food that compliments a certain time or occasion. Jalapeno poppers were meant for cookouts, parties, or gameday, and smores were born for bonfires at the lake on summer nights. That’s not to say I couldn’t eat either of these options on a random, occasionless day….I’m a fatty and I’m proud of it.

Most of my sweets involve boxed cake or brownie mixes, but on these days I got a little more adventurous. The left is crescent roll dough rolled around cinnamon apples and the donut is made with biscuit dough. On the right is the cake I made and decorate for a friend’s gender reveal party. It’s a boy and he’s the cutest ever!

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