Mills and Creeks and Parks, Oh My!

I’m finding that cities known as old and crumbling have some of the best hidden gems. Crumbling buildings, rusty bridges and overgrown walkways have so much charm and a story all their own.

When man made meets nature in a flawless way, it deserves to be captured. Mill Creek Park is a staple in Youngstown and while I had driven through on occasion, I never really paused to take it in.

But why are bridges so cool? They’re just so perfect and symmetrical and structural. Ugh, they make my math mind salivate.

I want this brick path to be the walkway to my future front door.

Found these beauties behind the high school my grandmother attended.

And these perfect doors behind an old train station.

All these rundown cities need is a little love, appreciation for the details, and maybe a camera to capture the beauty.
Photos taken at Mill Creek Park and around Youngstown, Ohio
Please contact vbrayer12[at] for permission to use photos

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