No Town is Boring With a Camera in Hand

It only took 4 years to find some of these hidden gems, and all I needed was a camera to start searching. I longed for a “spot” to decompress and clear my head. When I started looking at the beauty of little things instead of ruling everything in Lubbock as flat, dry, and dusty, I found more spots than I could’ve hoped for. dsc_0060

Behind the deserted animal services building lies one of the coolest train bridges I’ve ever seen. This was my first camera adventure, and the scrapes, splinters, and mosquito bites were well worth it for this shot. Note to new adventurers: Don’t climb a steep gravel hill in vans with a new $600 camera. You’ll get stuck at the top.



I first explored this park mainly because it wasn’t flat; a rarity in Lubbock. I went on a few runs along the sidewalks surrounding the water; also a rarity in Lubbock. I’m not sure why I like this shot so much, but it’s one of my favorites because I was thrilled to find a “spot”.

Deserted railroad tracks are a personal favorite, so get used to it. They’re more photogenic than puppies.



Photos taken in Lubbock, Texas

Please contact vbrayer12[at] for permission to use pictures

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