Avoiding the Working World via Alaska

Alaska is bigger than Texas and they’re not shy about that. That was a fact I learned in my 10 day stay. After 3 flights and great amounts of sleep deprivation, Anchorage welcomed me with it’s unbelievable beauty.


My cousin was the reason this trip took place, as she provided the invitation and housing (as well as some pretty amazing food). But my second night wasn’t spent at her house; it was spent in a hammock at a cabin near Trapper Creek. No further explanation necessary, right? The coolest experience ever.

The nature is the highlight of Alaska as you can probably guess. Snow capped mountains and ocean inlets are a normal sight, but I was also captivated by the fireweed that covered the land. There were so many fireweed products available, from foods, soaps, honey, and even ice cream! Also, bonus Mario Kart mushroom, who knew they were real?!

The nature is great and all, but Alaska has some cool wildlife too! Bald Eagles are almost as common as fireweed and I was on cloud nine when I snapped a shot of one in the wild. Along with bison and bears, I added reindeer, caribou, elk, muskox, lynk, and of course moose to my sightseeing list. The Alaska “to-do” list was to eat salmon, take pictures, and see a moose, so mission accomplished!


I found this tree on a short little hike to Paradise Falls. I was going to make it my profile picture, but once it was cropped it kinda looked like I was standing in a vagina. A giant tree vagina. A wonderful friend lovingly mentioned that nature was birthing me, and that I’m nature’s dildo. Gotta love the true friends…

While no intense hiking or backpacking took place on this trip, there was plenty of exploring. I loved driving south from Anchorage where the train runs between the highway and the water. At Paradise Falls, I ditched the shoes and walked through frigid water for the sake of photography. Once I got the feeling back in my toes and the mud out of my socks, I was super glad I did it. Eklutna Lake was probably my favorite spot from the trip. The rocks, grass, and even a couple teepees bordered one side of the lake, while mountains surrounded the rest.

Photos taken in Anchorage, Talkeetna, Trapper Creek, Eklutna Lake, and Alyeska Alaska

Please contact vbrayer12[at]gmail.com for permission to use pictures


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