Whose its and Whats its Galore

Hey, here are some sail boats. dsc_0369

Sailboats are on water, water reminds me of oceans, oceans remind me of Under the Sea, therefore I am Ariel.

The water has its own personality depending on perspective. From a hammock along the shore, the small ripples have a calming and peaceful effect. From a jet ski, the water is a racetrack and a roller coaster. With the right body of water and the right boat, the water can compliment any mood, from leisure to thrill. Pretty beautiful, huh? Yeah yeah super cheesy, I know.


Pictured: beautiful path, surrounded by dense greenery as far as the eye can see.

Not pictured: snakes, mosquitoes, sunburn, sweat, old couple biking.

There’s nothing better than a tunnel created by nature. Trees tower above and the blue sky seems to shrink as you walk further and further along the path. That is, until, you make it to the bridge across the lake and the skies open up to meet the water.


Photos taken at Berlin Lake (OH)

Please contact vbrayer12[at]gmail.com for permission to use pictures

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