Woodburning 01

Well, my latest hobby has just begun. I picked up a cheap woodburner from Walmart (this one to be exact) and set out to find some scrap wood. My first find was behind a dumpster near my apartment complex. I found a broken pallet (which I broke further) and a couple pieces of fencing. The fencing … Continue reading Woodburning 01

Go to Overton, leave weighing over[a]ton

This is a quick post with cell phone quality pictures, but when I went to dinner at Babalu last night I realized how much I love the Overton Square  area in Midtown. There are so many unique and character-filled places (Local on the Square, Bar Louie, Sweet Noshings, Robata Ramen & Yakitori Bar, and a few yoga studios) … Continue reading Go to Overton, leave weighing over[a]ton

New City, New Adventures

I figured that the best way to get to know my new home is to wander around with my camera, right? I haven't ventured downtown for sunset pictures (the featured image is measly cell phone quality) or to capture the character-rich brick structures, but you can expect another post with those later on. For this … Continue reading New City, New Adventures

Babalu Tacos & Tapas

10/10 would recommend Atmosphere - 10/10 Food - 9/10 Service - 10/10 Babalu Tacos & Tapas makes it in my top 10, and probably even my top 5. I have gone right after work a couple times to catch their happy hour specials and enjoyed a couple delicious glasses of sangria. I'd recommend the red over … Continue reading Babalu Tacos & Tapas

Food Fails 01

It happens to the best of us. Crockpot BBQ chicken anyone? Too long, not enough liquid, and used about 1/4 can of coke which could be the real culprit. After a week of soaking I am seriously debating throwing the crockpot away.   I think there's pizza somewhere on that plate...This happened to my mom … Continue reading Food Fails 01

I Didn’t Have to do Dishes for These

STEAK. So good. Mouthwatering, right? The one on the left was enjoyed in Alaska at a place called Double Musky Inn. There was a line out the door when my cousin and I arrived, but the service was remarkably fast once they seated parties. We enjoyed the appetizer in the middle (coconut crusted salmon), and … Continue reading I Didn’t Have to do Dishes for These

A Peek into My Kitchen

This is obviously my go-to...chicken or salmon with some sort of green veggie. Quick, easy, delicious, and pretty looking! Some of my other favorites include bruschetta, chicken divan served over rice, and stir fry. The bruschetta needed fresh basil, and the stir fry needed protein but overall, all three dishes were delectable. I love food … Continue reading A Peek into My Kitchen

Mills and Creeks and Parks, Oh My!

I'm finding that cities known as old and crumbling have some of the best hidden gems. Crumbling buildings, rusty bridges and overgrown walkways have so much charm and a story all their own. When man made meets nature in a flawless way, it deserves to be captured. Mill Creek Park is a staple in Youngstown … Continue reading Mills and Creeks and Parks, Oh My!

Avoiding the Working World via Alaska

Alaska is bigger than Texas and they're not shy about that. That was a fact I learned in my 10 day stay. After 3 flights and great amounts of sleep deprivation, Anchorage welcomed me with it's unbelievable beauty. My cousin was the reason this trip took place, as she provided the invitation and housing (as … Continue reading Avoiding the Working World via Alaska

No Town is Boring With a Camera in Hand

It only took 4 years to find some of these hidden gems, and all I needed was a camera to start searching. I longed for a "spot" to decompress and clear my head. When I started looking at the beauty of little things instead of ruling everything in Lubbock as flat, dry, and dusty, I found … Continue reading No Town is Boring With a Camera in Hand